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Here at Endeavour we understand you may need financial assistance to help with various scenarios the business experiences on a frequent basis - unsecured funding.

We understand cash is king. We are able to present to you various types of working capital solutions for you to choose from. Whether it be cash to inject into the business within 24 hours or bridge the gap of late paying clients or cash for raw materials to finish a job or an expected tax bill.

  • Our unsecured revolving credit facility acts as an overdraft where you don't pay for it if you don't use it.  Alternatively, we can arrange an unsecured 5-year loan with the option of being able to settle early without penalty.  
  • Our invoice finance facilities come in a variety of packages from Factoring to invoice discounting to Ad Hoc invoice finance where you are able to cherry pick which invoice you would rather fund / factor
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Get in touch with Norman, your business finance expert

'I have had the pleasure of working with Norman for a number of years, during which time he has always impressed me with his mix of enthusiasm to get the right deal for his client, together with the professionalism to understand how it really works in practice’
Stephen Jones
Sales Director
"I've had the pleasure of working with Norman for a number of years and have been consistently impressed with his genuine passion and enthusiasm for the SME lending market"
Stephen Hewitt
Broker Channel Manager
I have worked with Norman for a number of years on trade finance/supply chain finance deals that Norman has presented to us. Norman is the consummate professional and a valued partner and we look forward to working with him in his new venture
Maurice Ezekiel
Managing Director
I have worked with Norman over the last ten years. He has a great knowledge of the ABL market & so I would thoroughly recommend that any business seeking finance obtains some advice from him. Norman has also helped some of my clients over the years, in times that I have been unable to assist them.
Paul Rice
Business Development Manager
Norman constantly strives to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.
He understands their funding requirements and ensures he finds the correct solution to meet them.
JR Mortimore
Managing Director
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We work in conjunction with a variety of specialist lenders who's sole purpose is to provide a working capital injection to those in every type of sector.  Whether it be asset rich sectors such as Haulage, construction or the one-man band courier's. We are able to offer facilities from 25k - 75m.

We are specialists of all products that sit in within the education sector. IT sector, recruitment sector, public relations sector, public houses, hotels or manufacturing firms. We understand it is essential before you start working with new clients that the business needs cash to fall back on in case there are delayed payment terms to adhere to.

We can arrange confidential debtor book loans (Without having to offer a Personal guarantee), revolving overdraft type facilities or traditional invoice finance facilities. You are welcome to manage the collections yourself or have an expert do it for you included in the service.

About Endeavour
PR Family run agency requires cash for late paying clients in Europe. £200k facility over 5 years with the option to settle early without penalty
£100k unsecured facility arranged for a software design agency due to unforeseen tax bill and delayed payment terms from client base
Recruitment business requires a traditional unsecured loan over 5 years to replace their invoice finance facility - due to their decreasing temporary client base
Transport firm requires an overdraft type of facility for an HGV operators license. £50k facility arranged
£2.5m Bridging loan arranged for a property developer