Endeavour Business Finance Ltd was incorporated to support passionate business owners on their journey.

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"My intention is to take the sting out of the finance process, allowing you to focus on what you do best, which is to continue to add value to your business"

Having had a successful career at two of the largest commercial finance brokerages in the country, Norman decided it was time to set up his own brokerage and manage his own clients personally. Having the privilege of working for the largest in Working capital and Asset-based lending has given him the insight into what business acumen fundamentals are all about. Business owners don't switch off at 5pm, so why should their broker? Norman works with senior and key people within 50 financial institutions which in return speeds up the process.  From high street banks to challenger banks, independent lenders to peer to peer lenders and crowd-funders.

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Understanding the profit and loss, balance sheet or in some cases the knock-on effect from an unexpected bad debt adds to his passion and desire to ensure the business at hand receives as much attention as possible.

Simply put, he doesn't mind the challenging deals because that's where he adds value and retains his clients.

Sectors such as haulage, construction, and distribution come with certain pressure points and patterns, his experience gives him the upper hand in predicting when those niggling times of the year maybe, which in return then allows him to provide a bespoke financial package on time.

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I have worked with Norman for 8 years on a number of funding transactions completed together. Norman is a true professional and works well with both the client and lender. I would highly recommend him.
Sam Percival
Regional Director
I have had the pleasure of working with Norman Ramsay for over 10 years and have always found him to be an extremely competent and knowledgeable commercial finance broker, who always puts the clients needs first. I have not only put together financial solutions for his clients but also had no hesitation in recommending that my clients speak with Norman to solve any funding requirements I was unable to assist with.  
Matthew Speed
Head of Sales – Working Capital
If I was looking for Finance for my business then Norm is the first person I would approach. He has both the enthusiasm and tenacity to ensure that his clients are not only approved for a facility but that the facility is the best available to meet their needs.’
Phillip Speed
1pm PLC.
Norman has a superb ability to tailor make facilities that fit his client's needs. He is experienced, knowledgeable and knows how to get the best deal for his clients. Highly recommended!
Gideon Shaw
Norman is a credit to the commercial finance broker population. He takes the time to understand his client’s needs before determining the most appropriate financial solution.I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.
David Culverhouse
Head of Business Development

The business cycle of each sector has been always fascinating to Norman which is where his passion stems from.

Working from 9-5 or Monday to Friday is not the norm as his clients will tell you who know him well or those who have his mobile number. He appreciates the time restraints we all face and understands why some clients need cash the following week due to unforeseen circumstances. It's not uncommon for Norman to work over the weekend to be prepared with a solution and not another problem for a client under pressure first thing on a Monday morning.

This genuine care for his clients, the experience of their sectors and what the pitfalls are of those sectors puts him in good stead once you make an application.

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Mission Statement

I wish to offer my skills, knowledge and experience with the intent of having an effective and positive contribution to the profitable and ethical achievement of the organisation applying for finance; and at the same time contribute to the development, betterment and potential growth of the company and its human resources; which I think are so intrinsically related to profitability and returns on capital invested.

I focus on the fundamentals of what makes the business I am looking at tick and at the same time take a common sense approach by looking at the experience of the business owner on a case by case basis. I've been fortunate enough to work alongside those with more experience than me from a young age who had the patience and unique ability to spot my strengths and hone in on them. This substance of such brilliant characters I have worked alongside and continue to do so has given me insight into how to help others.

Over recent years I feel experienced business owners prefer to deal with an experienced broker than have to explain themselves over and over to someone with less experience or have their details scatter-gunned across the market, naively.